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The ultimate gutter protection to improve the strength and longevity of gutter systems.
Keep your gutters safe from blockages with Leaf Safe Guttering!

Keep Your Gutters Safely Debris Free

Gutters are crucial to protecting your home. Without them, or when they become blocked, rainwater can damage fascia boards over time and may penetrate under tiles and shingles. All homes need properly working gutters and drainage to protect the exterior and interior of the house.

But getting up on a ladder to perform regular maintenance is not always a safe option for most homeowners. And paying for a gutter cleaner to tend to your gutters multiple times a year can become quite expensive.

The main benefit of gutter guards and leaf filters is preventing your gutters from ever becoming clogged. Whether you are in a very leafy area, or a more suburban environment, you will benefit from keeping your gutters safely free of debris with gutter guard.

Leaf Safe gutter guard installed on a roof
Leaf Safe will keep your gutters free of debris

Gutter Guards, Leaf Guards, & Leaf Filters: Do they really work?

You may read reviews online from people complaining that their gutter guard does not prevent build up of debris, meaning they still have to regularly get up on the roof to clean blockages. But in our experience, that is always due to the wrong type of gutter guard being used, or due to incorrect installation.

Professionally installed gutter protection will block leaves, dirt and debris from entering your gutters and downpipes. Any leaf litter, pine needles and gumnuts will simply slide off your roof when the proper type of gutter mesh is selected and fitted at the correct angle for the roof.

So yes, you can rest assured that gutter guards really do work!

Why Choose Leaf Safe?

  • Can be safely installed on any roof with any pitch, without altering your existing roof.
  • Sloping angle allows leaves and debris to fall over the edge of  the roof to the ground.
  • Avoid the perils of DIY gutter cleaning! Gutter guard makes maintenance safe and ladders unnecessary.
  • Reduces risk from wind-borne bushfire embers.
  • Prevents vermin and pest birds from entering and nesting in gutters and roof cavities.
  • Allows for safe catchment of rainwater for tank collection.
  • Available in a wide range of colours to match existing roof/gutter system.
Expertly installed Leaf Safe gutter guard

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